Dear Friend

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I wrote this poem for my best friend who is having a hard time right now. She lives in Hawaii, I’m in Riyadh, and our other best friend is in Manila so we can only console her via Facebook (thank God for technology). She’s one of the very few people who reads my poems and when she does, she always tell me that I based my poems on her life story (which I swear isn’t). So sis, here’s a poem for you!


Dear Friend by Novel Sanchez

Dear friend,
you should know by now
that i can see through
your facade.
I have known you for almost a decade now
and I know that despite your jokes
and smart ass remarks
that you’re a woman
in pain.

Oh I’ve seen this once before,
I remember it like it was just
You had your heart broken
and the next day,
you dragged us to the salon
to get a new haircut.
Ah, the power of a good make over!

Dear friend,
You’re one of the strongest people
I’ve ever known
And it kills me to know that you’re
And I hope you believe us-
your best friends,
when we say that there is NOTHING
wrong with you.
So chin up girl,
You can get through this mess!

Oh how I wish I could say that
I’ve seen this once before.
You bounce back so easily
after a break up.
But I know that this one is different
because I can see that your heart
is very much invested.

Dear friend,
You told me that someone close to your heart
said that it’s impossible for you
to find true love
you come off as a cold hearted bitch

Oh how I wish that you’ll believe
when I say that she’s wrong.
But my voice is smaller
because she’s known you longer.

Dear friend,
I’ll say this anyway-
She’s wrong
She must be wrong!
Because behind your hard shell
Is a good person.
A woman with a soft heart,
capable of loving.
A loyal and well trusted friend.
Someone who deserve to be

So don’t lose your confidence now my friend.
A relationship that didn’t work
doesn’t make you a failure.
And even though life is a bitch,
It can be sweet too.
You’ll find someone eventually.
A man who will treat you right,
and love you with all his heart.

So don’t you dare stop hoping.
Don’t ever give up.
I won’t let you,
We won’t let you.
So chin up my dear friend,
You’ll get through this mess!



Book Review: The Genius and the Muse by Elizabeth Hunter

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I’ve been meaning to post a review here for a while now, but I never got the chance to because I’ve been incredibly busy at work. Plus, there were a lot of books that went out this last week of August and I just can’t not read them! I had a hard time deciding which book to review since I read a lot of good ones, but I think this book deserves to be reviewed first because it’s so beautiful that it feels so wrong not to share it to other people. I’m not kidding.


The Genius and the Muse by Elizabeth Hunter

5/5 Stars!!!

It all started with a portrait. Kate Mitchell is a graduate school photography student and is completing her master’s thesis. Her subject is the photographer Reed O’Connor who is renowned for his stunning and often controversial portraits. O’Connor is an alumni of her school that’s why his early works are posted in the photography exhibit gallery of the Foothill Art Institute. Among his works, there is one portrait that intrigued Kate the most. When an advise was given to her by her professor (who happened to be one of Reed’s friends), she listened to him and followed it through until she finally understood the man behind the lens and the story of the mysterious portrait.

“If you really want to understand Reed O’Connor, you have to understand Samantha Rhodes.”

When I first picked this book back in June, I wasn’t able to finish it. I was reading 3 or 4 books at that time and due to my impatient nature about jumping timelines I decided to set it aside and read it later. For me, books that have flashbacks in between chapters are the kind of books that I feel like I have to read in one sitting and back then I really didn’t have the time. So when I saw my friends singing their praises for this book a few days ago, and since I’m not really busy, I decided to read it again. I finished it in the same day and I completely fell in love with the book.

The Writing. This is my first Elizabeth Hunter novel and I am so glad I was able to read one. I think the writing was flawless. I was expecting a lot of art jargon because the story is about a bunch of renowned artists but there weren’t much—I liked the author’s less technical approach when it comes to the art aspect in this book. The story was seamlessly delivered despite the dual story-line and the switching of the time line wasn’t confusing at all. In fact, it made the book hard to put down. I just loved Ms. Hunter’s writing style and I will definitely read her other novels.

The Story. It’s no secret that I’m a contemporary romance novel junkie and since I’ve read a lot, I’m a little hard to impress in this genre. However, after reading The Genius and the Muse, my emotions are everywhere. I just couldn’t stop thinking about the events that occurred in the story. Every chapter is filled with small, yet awe-inspiring moments that will make you wish you were inside the book.

The story mainly revolved in Kate’s discovery of Reed and Sam’s epic love story. Along the way, Kate met Sam and Reed’s artistic friends who witnessed first hand the almost magical romance between the two. While Sam and Reed’s story unfolds through flash backs, Kate in the present experience heartbreak, meeting new people, building connections and eventually falling in love.

One of the things that I particularly loved in this novel was the glimpses of the two couples’ present (part twelve). Instead of using an epilogue like what most romance novel has, Ms. Hunter did what O’Connor does on his portraits. She didn’t focus on the whole picture of the significant moments of the couples’ lives but rather wrote intimate moments before or after the actual event  which made it unique and more sincere.

The characters. It’s hard not to love the characters. Each of them, the main and the minor ones are unique and have something to offer to the readers. I am hoping that Ms. Hunter *fake coughs* have plans for the other characters in this book—make it a series or something.

Anyway, favorite character… I think I like Kate Mitchell’s character the most. She may be the youngest in this book but I think she’s also the smartest and most practical. What really drew me into the story was Kate’s longing to know a love like what Sam and Reed’s had. A kind of love so strong and magnificent that it inspires the people around them to create outstanding art works. Since Kate experienced betrayal from the man she thought she loved, she felt like she needs to understand why two people who loved fiercely can just throw it all away. It’s so easy to connect to Kate. I felt like I was with her every time she visits Sam and Reed’s associates especially after her interview with the assistant. IDK, that part just made me stop and think about things. I guess because that part made me realize that even the strongest people can break too, and that we all make mistakes, we are human after all.  Also, her frustration about miscommunication between Sam and Reed, I felt that too.

Javier “Javi” Lugo, Kate’s love interest is a what you see is what you get kind of guy. He’s portrayed as a brutish sculptor. He knows that he’s not pretty but he’s incredibly honest. When he loves, he does fiercely and is over protective of people he cares about.

Reed O’Connor and Samantha Rhodes, it’s hard to describe the one without the other. They are both incredibly talented artists, stubborn and temperamental. This couple is one of the lucky ones who didn’t just found love but also found the other half of their souls.

What I like the most with the characters in this book is that they are easy to relate to because they are so human. The ordeals they’ve been through, the emotions and actions shown in this novel is very realistic.

The Genius and the Muse is truly a masterpiece that must be read by every romance novel fan. I highly recommend this novel and please after reading it, don’t forget to share the word to others, this book deserves to be read and enjoyed by all.


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