Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I blogged about something. Anyway, 23 days ago I accepted a 28 day plant-based diet challenge. It is pretty much what it sounds like, that by accepting the challenge I will only eat fruits and vegetables. Prior to the challenge, I was already on a pescetarian diet, and I found out that it wasn’t hard to drop the seafood from my diet than I thought it would be.

Here’s what my groceries look like per week:



I think vegetarian eating is fun and can be easy if you focus on the food that you CAN eat rather than those that you can’t. I am quite the chef these days. LOL. I made vegetarian version of some Filipino dishes that I enjoy. I also have a Pinterest board dedicated to vegetarian eating. I get excited whenever I find new recipes to try out and I often end up surprised with how delicious the food turns out. One of my favorite vegetarian dishes that I discovered through this challenge is the avocado pasta. I am seriously amazed how amazing it tastes like because I only eat avocado for dessert. Back home, in the Philippines, we pour milk and sugar in our avocados pop it in the fridge and you have a delicious dessert later. I was sure it would taste weird but I was pleasantly surprised how it turned out.

photo (8)

Pineapple and mushroom fried rice.

photo (7)

Ginataang sitaw at kalabasa.

photo (6)

Bellpepper sauce with cilantro spaghetti.

photo (5)

Vegetable stir fry in vermicelli.

photo (4)

Avocado pasta.

photo (3)

Ginger-lemon juice.

photo (2)

Vegetable curry.

photo (1)

Apple, lettuce and spinach salad.

My challenge is almost overĀ and I think I will continue eating healthy for as long as I can. I will probably eat seafood once a week but I will avoid eating other kinds of meat for a while. Vegetarian eating can be fun if you are willing to be creative and adventurous in the kitchen. The only down side to this diet is that it is expensive. I went over my monthly budget while on the challenge. However, I learned that there are cheaper ways to maintain healthy eating like buying dried beans instead of canned ones, buying frozen veggies instead of fresh ones (for stir frying and fried rice), etc.

That’s all for now! =D

Have a great day ahead!