Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!

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My sister got engaged yesterday! Congratulations Kuya Erick and Ate Melissa! 🎉🎉🎉🎎


First Presidential Debate 2016

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Photo credit to @ABSCBNNews

I watched the Presidential Debate aired live by the GMA 7 network yesterday afternoon. I was really glad that the debate actually materialized, there were rumors that some of the candidates weren’t participating in the said debate. Anyway, all the presidential candidates- Vice President Binay, Senator Defensor-Santiago, Senator Poe, Mayor Duterte and Secretary Roxas were present. Jessica Soho and Mike Enriquez hosted the event and was later joined by Secretary Neri on the last round of the debate. Here’s how would I rank the presidentiables according to their performance on the debate:

5. Binay – I wasn’t satisfied with his answers. He kept on bringing up of Makati and how he made the city rich when in fact it was the other way around. Makati made him rich hence, the unexplainable source of his properties and wealth. The nail to his coffin was the issue regarding “political dynasties”. He kept on insisting to clarify the definition of a political dynasty. Mr. Vice President, your family is the perfect definition of a political dynasty, and if you still don’t get it, please do a quick Google search. You’ll get the answers in a matter of seconds. A good leader will not pull anyone down so that he will be on the top. Binay showed his ill personality when he tried to soil Sen. Defensor-Santiago’s name by saying that she also has a family member currently working for the government (talk about crab mentality) Well, Binay pretty much embarassed himself by doing so because Santiago was quick to clarify the issue and firmly said that she has no family member currently working for the government. Anyway, I still thank Binay for participating on this debate because the people finally saw how unsuitable he is as a President.

4. Roxas – First off, I like the way he answers, he’s a very good public speaker. He looked prepared and he was confident with his answers. Roxas and Duterte have a very public antagonism and I was prepared to see those two go at it during the debate but it looked like the two was able to hold back a little. Second, I liked how he enumerated all the positive things that the current administration did, it made me feel hopeful for our country. However, I didn’t feel his sincerity towards the end of the debate. All those dramatic pauses on his closing speech just made the whole thing fake and insincere. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s what I felt. He also kept on bringing up the “Matuwid na daan”, my sister kept rolling her eyes whenever he says those words, lol. I think people will never forget what happened in Tacloban, no matter how many times he say how he helped during the disaster and that he did all he could to help, he still failed Tacloban. I think Roxas needs to move a mountain if he really wants to win the presidential race, and we all know that is just not possible.

3. Poe – She’s the youngest candidate. She comes off a bit arrogant but she speaks really well. Her promises sounds good to our ears, however, those are all what it is- PROMISES. I honestly don’t think she has the right amount of experience to run this country. Don’t get me wrong, she’s good, the will is there, she looks really passionate about it but I’m doubtful about the implementation. Her ideas are good but I don’t think she have a detailed perspective of how she’s going to implement her plans. She slammed Defensor for being old and not looking for other means to resolve hunger and poverty but Poe never really answered the question : “where will she get the funds for her proposed free lunch for the students?” I am hoping that people could really see beyond her clear words and confident speech. She just looks like she knows what she’s saying but It felt like her answers weren’t hers alone. She just speaks clearly and in lay man’s term unlike the other candidates but her answers were unoriginal. Oh well, let’s just see how she’ll do on the next debate. By the way, isn’t she and her husband still American citizens?

2. Duterte – I like Mayor Duterte, I think he made himself look good by acknowledging Santiago’s qualification as a presidential candidate. The guy knows who is his strongest opponent on the debate and instead of making her an enemy, he made himself an ally thus the birth of “Duriam.” Lol. Seriously though, Digong may not be the best speaker yesterday but the man is genuine. I think the city of Davao is the proof of his works. However, Duterte is a “the end justifies the means” kind of a leader and I’m not sure that will appeal to the humanitarians out there. Remember, majority of our population are still Roman Catholics who values life, and I’m sure our religious leaders will not condone to his plans on killing people even if they are criminals. In my opinion, this country needs a Duterte. The people are no longer afraid of the authority, and by putting Dutere on the presidential seat, he will instill fear again on crooks and corrupt officials. We need a strong hand to get rid of the rotten officials and start with a clean slate. 😊🍦

1. Defensor-Santiago – She has always been my favorite Senator. Me and my family always include her on our senatorial list whenever she runs. Anyway, she clearly is the smartest among the bunch and she is the only one who posed a clear solution regarding the rich and poor margin. She said about re evaluating people’s taxes and property taxes, etc. I liked how she stood firmly against EDCA and how she wants our country to be independent. However, Santiago doesn’t look healthy and I think that is a major hurdle she needs to overcome. Most of the people I talked to fears that her health can hinder her abilities to run this country, so, they are counting her out of the presidential race. I honestly think that she can last the entire 6 years of her term should she win the elections, she’s the most qualified candidate academically and experience – wise. Anyway, I hope she’ll feel better and look healthier on the next presidential debate.

I think despite the non-debate “debate” (because most of the candidates agreed with each other on several topics) and Mike Enriquez’ fumbling during the entire program, the Presidential Debate 2016 was a success and I’m looking forward to watch the next one. 🙂

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Were going to La Union today! Yay!

Happy weekend everyone! 😊


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