A couple of weeks ago I watched a youtube video about the top ten must watch tv series of 2015. I know it’s a bit out dated, but I have been busy reading fiction novels that I missed a lot of good shows last year. I just finished watching the first season of Lucifer, which is good btw, and Limitless (another amazing TV series but was not renewed for a second season). I do enjoy police procedural shows with sci-fi or supernatural element added into it. So, when I saw a trailer of Person Of Interest, I was intrigued. I finished all 5 seasons in less than 2 weeks! I loved it. I was a little sad that CBS did not renew POI because it’s probably one the best shows I’ve ever seen. The action is so good, the storyline is mind blowing and the characters are just amazing. 

My favorite characters are Finch (because he made The Machine, he’s brilliant) and Root (her character development is just so entertaining to watch–she was an assassin for hire in the first season, a psychiatrist, then a mental patient on the third season, and became a loyal servant of The Machine until her last breath). Another thing that made this TV series so special is the Root-Shaw (aka. Shoot) relationship. I’m straight, but I truly ship Root and Shaw. The chemistry on screen between Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi is so amazing. They are both lovely actors and I hope we can see them on screen together again. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a POI spin-off. If you haven’t seen Point of Interest yet, you  should start watching it now. I promise, you will not be disappointed.