One Lonely Friday.

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There are only 9 books left on my reading challenge! Yay for me! Honestly, I am actually done with the challenge. Before I moved in with my colleagues, I already finished the entire In Death series by JD Robb. However, I decided not to update it all at once in goodreads so that I wont look like a loser who don’t have a life, or an asshole who reads too fast and wants to brag it in social media. (I am definitely the former than the latter.) 

Now that there are actual people  in the house that I can talk to and hang out with, I rarely have time to read. The Goodreads Choice Awards finals arrived and there are only few books I’ve read in some categories (mostly fiction) and absolutely none in the non-fiction category. That made me feel a little bit guilty for not making time for books. So, I perused the list of nominated books and chose a book that appealed to me. I chose Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody. I am a fan of Anna Kendrick, I think she’s a cool actress. But what made me pick the book was that I find the blurb hilarious. THEN, I found out she read the audiobook version. I knew I just have to listen to it. I was right, it was much more entertaining. I was hooked. Today, I am listening to Amy Schumer’s The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo. Thank God for funny and smart people who writes, they made my entire week. I downloaded a couple more audiobooks from the humor category from Goodreads Choice Awards. BTW, congratulations to all the nominees!

I don’t usually enjoy audiobooks because I’m a fast reader (totally not bragging). I prefer the text-to-speech option on my ebook reader where a female voice reads my book (devoid of emotions) on a pace I chose. I could make her read fast the same way I would. On audiobooks, you have no control of the reader. You have to be patient and wait for the reader to reach the exciting parts. Anyway, this is not a problem I encountered while reading Scrappy Little Nobody. It was just right and made the punch lines funnier. I feel the same way with Amy Schumer’s audiobook. From now on, I would try to listen to more comedy audiobooks.

Anyway, how are you guys doing? Do you have any books or movies or TV series you would like to recommend? I am staying home tonight (on a Friday night) because were all broke and payday is still a little over a week from today. Ugh.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and relatives in the US. I hope y’all have a blast while I sit here laughing alone like a crazy person. Don’t worry, I’m not yet crazy, I’m just listening to Amy Schumer’s audiobook.
Happy weekend people!


November 9

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Today’s my birthday!


Also, Trump won.


Anyway, I had a great time with my new friends and colleagues. We had a simple dinner after work at McDonald’s and had a blast. Despite the crazy workload (and schedule), we still managed to carve out some time to hang out and have fun. My new colleagues are pretty cool. I want to express my gratitude to all the people who remembered my birthday. You guys are awesome! 

I’ll try to post a book review/recommendation before the year ends. 

Older and wiser,



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