I was bored the other day and I decided to watch a new Korean Drama on my VIU app. The last Korean medical drama I watched was The Good Doctor which I enjoyed so much. FYI, The Good Doctor is now being produced by Sony Pictures TV and ABC Studios starring Freddie Highmore. Anyway, I was looking for a good medical drama and came across Hospital Ship. I just loved it! I finished it in one day. It’s a mini-series (each episode lasts for only 30 minutes) and currently have 16 episodes. It’s still an ongoing series which you can watch online or via the viu app.

So, what is a hospital ship? It is what it actually is. A ship that boards medical professionals and they serve people who live in remote islands in a country. They provide medical and dental services as well as medicines. I have no idea if we have one in the Philippines. Anyway, in Korea, they also have small islands that doesn’t have access to health care so, a Hospital Ship is what they use to reach these islands. However, in this drama, not many Public Health doctors like to work in the hospital ship. So, when Public Health doctors enlists in the military, their posts are being raffled. Two “unlucky” doctors (Traditional Korean Medicine Doctor and a Dentist) picked the hospital ship during the raffle. Once they got there, they found out that one Internal Medicine doctor volunteered himself to work at the ship, which baffled the other two.

On one of their “emergencies” in the hospital ship, they had an appendecitis case that immediately needs an appendectomy. Unfortunately, the hospital ship is not equipped to perform surgeries because they don’t have the equipments needed and most of all, they don’t have a surgeon. Cue the protagonist who was hired to be a part of the Hospital Ship team. She is an extremely able surgeon but was kicked out from the prestigious hospital she used to work for due to a matter that she refuse to disclose. She performed the surgery successfully with very little resources.

I was immediately hooked by the premise. After graduating from nursing school, it was very difficult to look for a nursing job and I briefly entertained the idea of working in a ship as a nurse first-aider. It was only for 5 minutes, but I realized i can’t do it because I don’t know how to swim and I might get sea sick. LOL. I think it takes a lot of guts and skills to work on a Hospital Ship.

The actors in this show is commendable for being able to portray the medical professionals really well. Ha Ji Won, who portrays the protaganist, went to a lot trainings to be able to learn how to become a believable surgeon on screen. Also, the ridicule that the Traditional Korean Doctor receives was on point. In the last medical center I worked in, they also provide traditional treatments like Accupuncture and to this day, I still have doubts about the medical benefits of the said treatment.

Overall, Hospital Ship is a pretty good medical drama. It focuses on the patient care and their rights, hospital politics, scarcity of funds and resources, as well as the daily struggles of the medical professionals. There isn’t any romance YET, I think that’s something we can look forward for on the next episode.