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Hi, it’s been a while since I blogged. My schedule is switched to the night shift and my system isn’t fully adjusted yet. BTW, belated Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there specially to my Papa! =)

So many things happened the past few weeks, a back to back shooting incident in Florida, Taylor Swift’s break up and her new beau, a toddler dragged by an alligator and eventually died of drowning, and so on. I wouldn’t add more to the comments about Taylor Swift’s love life but I would like to send my deepest condolences to all the family, friends and fans (of Christina Grimmie) of the victims in the shootings in Florida. May the souls of the victims rest in peace.


I have read a lot of books lately, I’m trying to complete my reading challenge as soon as I can. I still have a long way to go but I’m getting there. I read and finished several book series and I’m currently enjoying JD Robb’s In Death series. I did not expect to be really into it when a friend suggested that I read it, but boy, I am so hooked. The setting is in New York. It’s a futuristic mystery novel. The heroine is a detective, Lieutenant Eve Dallas, and the hero is an alpha billionaire, Roarke. They first met when Dallas was investigating a murder and Roarke was a suspect. They remind me a bit of Castle and Beckett, I love it. I am currently reading book 10, Witness in Death. If I’m not mistaken, I still have 30+ books to read from this series and that makes me feel really glad. It means more murder for Dallas and her crew to solve and more fun for me. I highly recommend this series for readers who enjoy a good mystery novel.


Another thing that’s keeping me busy lately is this game app Best Fiends. I’m addicted! I love the graphics and the game is just so fun. You can download it for free from Play Store.

Have a great day ahead!


Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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I would like to greet all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day specially to my mom. Happy Mother’s Day Mama! Thank you for everything and I love you.

I had the entire week off because my boss went to Italy for a week-long conference. I stayed at home and entertained myself with books, movies and Supernatural. =) Anyway, here are some of the books I’ve read and enjoyed this week.

Shameless by Lex Martin

-This is a stand – alone contemporary romance featuring a tattoed hero and a sweet heroine. If you have read and loved Lex  Martin’s previous books, I’m sure you’ll fall for Shameless too. 4/5 stars.

Eidolon by Grace Draven

– This is the second book of the Wraith Kings series. You have to read the first book- Radiance so that you’ll understand the story. I absolutely enjoyed this book because of the unique characters and amazing story line. I highly recommend this book to PNR fans. 5/5 stars

Nuts by Alice Clayton

– Clayton is one of my favorite rom-com novel authors. Nuts is the first book of her new series- The Hudson Valley Series. It’s fun, hot, and a delicious read. (The heroine is a private chef!) 4/5 stars.

Practically Imperfect by Mary Frame

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Gemma McDougall is certain about three things: One, she’s never going to lose her Latina ass. Two, her career is more important than the crappy (and nonexistent) relationships she’s had to endure her entire adult life. Three, she’s going to get the next promotion to detective if it kills her. But then her job literally almost kills her, and she’s forced into unwanted medical leave.

Sam London is certain about three things: One, he has no idea how to have a normal adult relationship and will likely die cold and alone, ravaged by wild dogs. Two, playing a game of Drinking Jenga, while fun, also leads to late nights sneaking into the neighbor’s yard and getting held at gunpoint by the neighbor’s daughter. Three, he has no idea what kind of trouble Gemma McDougall has gotten herself into, but he’s going to be a part of it, no matter what.

Our book review is now available on our book blog. Click the link here to read our review.

If you want to skip the review and want to read the book you can purchase it here.


I really enjoyed reading this series. I loved all the characters and their stories. I heard that a book bundle of this series will be available soon and that it will be cheaper than buying the books one by one. So, if you liked the blurb and decided to read the Imperfect series you should consider buying the book bundle.


Happy weekend everyone!

New book review coming up!

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Practically Imperfect by Mary Frame


I finished this book a while ago and I’m currently writing a review with a friend. Hopefully, it will be up on our bookaholicfairies blog by tomorrow. I really enjoyed it. Thanks Ms. Frame for sending us a copy! I think she have an ongoing giveaway at goodreads right now, check her facebook page here. I’ll post the link here later once our book review is available. If you love books and book-related giveaways go visit our book blog at http://www.bookaholicfairies.blogspot.com.


Speaking of giveaways, it’s been a while since I joined one, but I won the first
instagram giveaway i joined this year. It made me so happy! I won a paperback copy of The Scribe by Elizabeth Hunter which is one of my favorite PNR series. Thanks again Ms. Hunter for that awesome Instagram giveaway. =)

Update on my sister’s wedding playlist: Were still looking for more songs. I didn’t realize how hard it could be to create a wedding playlist. I think she’s down to two songs for her “walking down the aisle song” (she have to choose just one song). For those who are getting married soon, or even those couples whose not on that stage yet but are planning to get married in the future, I suggest you start taking note of those songs you love that are wedding appropriate. Just write it down on your notepad and hide it in your documents.  I promise, it will be very useful later.

If you have any wedding song in mind you’d like to share, please let me know. Book recommendations are also welcome! Hit on the comment box below. Thanks in advance!

What I do when I’m on vacation

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Happy Monday!

I woke up early today for no reason and while everyone is sleeping I opened my phone and browsed through my picture gallery. I went out with friends and family recently so I do have a lot of selfies and group pictures. However, what I find really funny (and a little bit horrifying) is the amount of food pictures I have! I realized that I am eating a LOT these days, and I am starting to be afraid of my growing waistline. It’s going to be a real b!tch to lose weight when my vacation is over. Sigh. Here are some of the photos I saved:
















When I’m not outside hanging out with friends, I mostly stay home and read. There are a lot of good books that came out this January and here are the few that I read and enjoyed:

The Mistake by Elle Kennedy
Built by Jay Crownover
Big Rock by Lauren Blakely
Appealed by Emma Chase
Happily Ever Ninja by Penny Reid

I also loved Elizabeth Hunter’s Irin Chronicles Christmas special: On A Clear Winter Night. I am an avid fan of Hunter’s new BenZin novella which she posts weekly on her blog for free! I can’t wait to read the conplete version of Imitation and Alchemy!

Well, I hope you guys have a great day ahead today! I’ll go back to bed since it’s still early and I’m still on vacation! Woohoo!

Book release day, a good read and a movie recommendation.

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Hello! I haven’t been a good fan lately. I missed a lot of book releases from my favorite authors and my TBR is growing every freaking day. So, let me make up for it today.


Elizabeth Hunter’s THE SECRET is finally out! I am so excited to read this book. You can purchase the book here. This is the third and final book of the Irin Chronicles, it’s definitely a must read series!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00049]

Only when the darkness falls can you see the light of the stars.

For thousands of years, the scribes and singers of the Irin race have existed to protect humanity and guard the gifts of the Forgiven. They have lived in the shadows. They have kept their secrets.

But the Irin aren’t the only race with secrets.

Ava and Malachi have found each other, but wounds as deep as theirs don’t heal overnight. While the Irin world struggles to correct the power imbalance left by the Rending of the Irina, Malachi and Ava struggle to connect their past with their present.

The Fallen may scheme, but Ava has found her power and refuses to be an angel’s pawn. And while Malachi may have forgotten his history, the scribe’s relentless search for answers leads both him and his mate to the heart of the Irin power structure in Vienna, where knowledge is guarded more closely than gold and those with power will do anything to keep it.

Malachi and Ava have survived the darkness, but will they ever discover its secrets? A powerful cabal of the Fallen may hold the answers, but to surrender them, it wants the Irin race to finally face their enemies. Both those coming from the outside, and those raging within.

THE SECRET is the third book in the contemporary fantasy series, the Irin Chronicles, and the conclusion of Ava and Malachi’s journey.


September of last year, the final book of one of my favorite YA Fantasy series was released and I completely missed it. I was assigned to collate a bunch of quotes for the Book-a-holic Fairies FB page and I had the chance to reconnect with my old favorites—one of them is the Lynburn Legacy series by Sarah Rees Brennan. I immediately grabbed a copy of the last book and I loved it! It was a brilliant finale. One of my fave characters died though, so It was a bitter sweet ending. I highly recommend this series. Purchase Unmade here.


Powerful love comes with a price. Who will be the sacrifice?

Kami has lost the boy she loves, is tied to a boy she does not, and faces an enemy more powerful than ever before. With Jared missing for months and presumed dead, Kami must rely on her new magical link with Ash for the strength to face the evil spreading through her town.

Rob Lynburn is now the master of Sorry-in-the-Vale, and he demands a death. Kami will use every tool at her disposal to stop him. Together with Rusty, Angela, and Holly, she uncovers a secret that might be the key to saving the town. But with knowledge comes responsibility—and a painful choice. A choice that will risk not only Kami’s life, but also the lives of those she loves most.

This final book in the Lynburn Legacy is a wild, entertaining ride from beginning to shocking end.


Yesterday, I watched the movie Begin Again starring Mark Ruffallo and Keira Knightley. At first I thought it was going to be a boring one but I was wrong, I loved the music in this movie and the story was really good. After all the drama and when the characters started recording their music, I just fell in love with the movie. It looked like the characters were just having fun, jamming and making music together, it was almost magical. If you love good music in your movie, check this out!

Written and Directed by John Carney

A chance encounter between a disgraced music-business executive and a young singer-songwriter new to Manhattan turns into a promising collaboration between the two talents.

I’m off to read The Secret!


NEW RELEASE: Becoming Rain by K. A. Tucker

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Author: K. A. TUCKER


BECOMING RAIN is now live! I finished the book yesterday and I really loved it! This is the second book of the Burying Water Series but you can read it as a stand alone. I received an early copy from the publisher and my review will be part of the release blitz blog tour which will be posted on the Musing of the Book-a-holic Fairies blog on March 5. You can add this book to your TBR in goodreads or purchase the book here.


Luke Boone doesn’t know exactly what his uncle Rust is involved in but he wants in on it-the cars, the money, the women. And it looks like he’s finally getting his wish. When Rust hands him the managerial keys to the garage, they come with a second set-one that opens up the door to tons of cash and opportunity. Though it’s not exactly legal, Luke’s never been one to worry about that sort of thing. Especially when it puts him behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 and onto the radar of gorgeous socialite named Rain.

Clara Bertelli is at the top of her game-at only twenty-six years old, she’s one of the most successful undercover officers in the Washington D.C. major crime unit, and she’s just been handed a case that could catapult her career and expose one of the west coast’s most notorious car theft rings. But, in order to do it, she’ll need to go deep undercover as Rain Martines. Her target? The twenty-four-year old nephew of a key player who appears ready to follow in his uncle’s footsteps.

As Clara drifts deeper into the luxurious lifestyle of Rain, and further into the arms of her very attractive and charming target, the lines between right and wrong start to blur, making her wonder if she’ll be able to leave it all behind. Or if she’ll even want to

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