Attention: Nurses who wants to work in Saudi Arabia

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This is posted today at the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Facebook Page.

For all Nurses:

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in partnership with Pearson Vue announcing for the increased question-examination items from 100 to 150 items in 3 -hour period.
Result of the examination will be released after 3 days which will be determined using the range percentile scores.

These photos are also posted on the said page which shows the new format of the Prometric Test Result for SCFHS.

prometric pass or fail

Photo Credits: Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

prometric new scoresheet

Photo Credits: Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

What’s the difference from the old SCFHS Prometric test? Well, I took my Prometric test in September 2011 and since then I haven’t noticed the changes that occurred while I was working in Saudi. Anyway, in 2011 the number of items in the exam was 70 and you can get the result as soon as you finished the test (You can finish the test in an hour or so). The print out will say if you passed or failed. The exam fee in 2011 was $90. Today, I checked the Pearson Vue site for the SCFHS certification Testing and it says that starting from July 1, 2017, all SCFHS exam fees will be adjusted. I don’t know for sure how much it is but if you are interested in taking the exam, you can contact Pearson Vue here.

Another thing I noticed from the Pearson Vue site is this:

Kindly note that healthcare professionals will first have to apply to Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. You will be able to sit for the exam once credentialing has been done and approved.

Before, you can easily book and pay the exam yourself online without needing any permission from any regulating body or organization. As of this month, prior to booking the exam, a permission to take the test must be acquired from the SCFHS. I think, this “approval” will be automatically sent to Pearson Vue and the applicant will be notified via email that he is given the permission to take the test. Once notified, the applicant can create an account on Pearson Vue to book and pay for the Prometric exam. I could be wrong though. So, if you have questions about the process, it’s best to contact the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

There you go. If you are reading this because you are going to take the Prometric exam soon, good luck and thank you for dropping by!

Should an OFW have an Emergency Fund?

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What is an emergency fund? Ideally, an emergency fund is a 3-6 months salary amount set aside for emergency cases. You can put it in your savings account that you can easily dip on if an emergency occurs. What kind of emergency? Sudden loss of income, health emergency in the family, unexpected car repairs, etc. The emergency fund should be able to cover your expenses for atleast half a year in case of unexpected job loss. I am guilty of dipping on my emergency fund when my vacation money runs off. Although I only took a few amount, it’s an absolute no-no. You should reserve the money for emergencies only. My goal for the next few months is to replenish my emergency fund while adding some cash on my investment account.

I think every OFW should have an emergency fund. Recently, there are many OFWs who went back home because their company couldn’t pay their salaries. Many businesses are badly affected by the low oil pice in the world market. Some of the people who went home doesn’t have enough savings to cover their expenses while looking for a job. They are relying to the government’s assistance, which I think is a terrible idea. I know the government are saying that they are ready to help the OFWs in case more people will be sent home, but, I don’t think they could deliver. Most of the OFW and their families are used to a certain kind of lifestyle that involves lots of money. I don’t think they will be content with the jobs and the salary the government could offer. My point is, if you are an OFW, be prepared. You won’t be an OFW forever, save NOW for the hard times that could come you way later. Start an emergency fund ASAP.

How to build an emergency fund? Here’s what I do:

-emergency fund
-investment (stocks)
-personal budget
– money remittance

Notice that I deducted emergency fund and investment amount first before other expenses. This is what most financial gurus would tell you. Pay yourself first. If you can find any other sources of income other than your salary, that would be a good addition to your emergency fund. I did a post about selling your old gadgets online, you might want to consider trying that too.

Once you have a comfortable amount on your emergency fund, you should consider starting an investment account. It could be via Mutual Funds, Stock Market, etc. Just make sure that you do a thorough research about investing . Study first before delving into the world of investing so that you wont be sorry later. =)

Where to buy and sell used gadgets in Saudi Arabia?

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While I was in the Philippines, we decluttered our home and found out that we have so many gadgets lying around. I sold a used netbook and a PSP via OLX. It’s a popular buy and sell site in the Philippines. They also have an android app you can install in your phone so that you can monitor your items wherever you go. It’s a pretty awesome deal, I was able to free some space at home and I got to earn some money.



If you are in Saudi Arabia and you want to sell some of your items online I recommend selling it at expatriates.com. It’s a very user friendly site, and has a lot of traffic. In my experience, mobile phones are the easiest to sell. This is also the same site where I bought my htc m8 phone. Just make sure that you put your mobile number where interested buyers can contact you to negotiate with the price. Most sellers communicate with buyers via whatsapp though, so, you might want to install that app on your phone first.




In selling an item, make sure that you list the specs (if selling gadgets like cellphones, tablets, computers, cameras, etc.). If there are any issues, like dents, cracks or scratches on the item, make sure that you also include that in your ad. An actual photo of the item is also very helpful in making your ad more appealing to the buyers. It also prevents prolonged negotiations, unnecessary questions and confusion among the interested buyers. Don’t forget to include your location on the ad.

Once the buyer and the seller agreed on the price of the item, they will set up a meeting place. In my case, I make sure to put in my ad that my items are for “pick-up” only. I asked the buyers to go to my I work, which is safe and equipped with a CCTV camera. When I sold my gadgets in the Philippines, the meet up area was in a public place where there is a security guard and a CCTV camera… the best option would be inside a mall or a  fastfood place like Jollibee. When I bought my HTC phone the previous owner delivered it at my work. As long as you ask politely and negotiate reasonably, you can get the item you want within your price range and they will deliver it to you nicely.

Tips on buying items at expatriates.com:

– Avoid transacting with sellers who are asking you to pay via Western Union. It’s most likely a scam.

– Check or ask for the reason why they are selling their items. Most sellers would post in their ad wether they need to upgrade their gadgets, or just need an extra cash. Watch out for people who are selling their items because they are exiting the country. Those kind of sellers are usually in a rush to get rid of their stuff that you can buy their items at such a low price.

– Haggle! Don’t be shy to ask for the last price. Some of the people I negotiated with are very understanding, they delivered the item to me AND hacked 200 sar off from the asking price. Cool huh?

Many people find the buy and sell business lucrative. If you have the time and you have a good knowledge regarding the items you buy and sell, this could be a good side line for you. If you are in dire need of extra cash, selling items you no longer need is a very good solution.

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