Binge – Watched: Hospital Ship (Korean Drama)


I was bored the other day and I decided to watch a new Korean Drama on my VIU app. The last Korean medical drama I watched was The Good Doctor which I enjoyed so much. FYI, The Good Doctor is now being produced by Sony Pictures TV and ABC Studios starring Freddie Highmore. Anyway, I was looking for a good medical drama and came across Hospital Ship. I just loved it! I finished it in one day. It’s a mini-series (each episode lasts for only 30 minutes) and currently have 16 episodes. It’s still an ongoing series which you can watch online or via the viu app.

So, what is a hospital ship? It is what it actually is. A ship that boards medical professionals and they serve people who live in remote islands in a country. They provide medical and dental services as well as medicines. I have no idea if we have one in the Philippines. Anyway, in Korea, they also have small islands that doesn’t have access to health care so, a Hospital Ship is what they use to reach these islands. However, in this drama, not many Public Health doctors like to work in the hospital ship. So, when Public Health doctors enlists in the military, their posts are being raffled. Two “unlucky” doctors (Traditional Korean Medicine Doctor and a Dentist) picked the hospital ship during the raffle. Once they got there, they found out that one Internal Medicine doctor volunteered himself to work at the ship, which baffled the other two.

On one of their “emergencies” in the hospital ship, they had an appendecitis case that immediately needs an appendectomy. Unfortunately, the hospital ship is not equipped to perform surgeries because they don’t have the equipments needed and most of all, they don’t have a surgeon. Cue the protagonist who was hired to be a part of the Hospital Ship team. She is an extremely able surgeon but was kicked out from the prestigious hospital she used to work for due to a matter that she refuse to disclose. She performed the surgery successfully with very little resources.

I was immediately hooked by the premise. After graduating from nursing school, it was very difficult to look for a nursing job and I briefly entertained the idea of working in a ship as a nurse first-aider. It was only for 5 minutes, but I realized i can’t do it because I don’t know how to swim and I might get sea sick. LOL. I think it takes a lot of guts and skills to work on a Hospital Ship.

The actors in this show is commendable for being able to portray the medical professionals really well. Ha Ji Won, who portrays the protaganist, went to a lot trainings to be able to learn how to become a believable surgeon on screen. Also, the ridicule that the Traditional Korean Doctor receives was on point. In the last medical center I worked in, they also provide traditional treatments like Accupuncture and to this day, I still have doubts about the medical benefits of the said treatment.

Overall, Hospital Ship is a pretty good medical drama. It focuses on the patient care and their rights, hospital politics, scarcity of funds and resources, as well as the daily struggles of the medical professionals. There isn’t any romance YET, I think that’s something we can look forward for on the next episode.


Marvel’s The Defenders Review

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Netflix Marvel’s the Defenders

I took advantage of the Netflix free trial so that I can finally watch Marvel’s The Defenders. I watched it the other day and I had fun watching it. Honestly, I didn’t finish watching Marvel’s Luke Cage and the Iron Fist. It did not interest me unlike the Daredevil and Jessica Jones’ Netflix series. Anyway, The Defenders delivered more than I expected. The series only have 8 episodes which is unusual for a Marvel/Netflix series. We always get a 13-episode series from them, but for this series, I think its just enough.

The story line was well written. It was pretty clear why these heroes came together. They were all trying to fight the Hand and its more logical for them to work together than individually. They were reluctant to work as a team, with the exception of Danny Rand, but it worked out in the end. I still think that Danny Rand is that kid who is unsure of his purpose. He comes off as an immature and impulsive character in this show. My favorite in this series is Jessica Jones, she always have a way to make fun of the other heroes especially Matt/Daredevil.

Matt’s story line is definitely the most intriguing one. Its no secret that Elektra came back to life and became the Hand’s ultimate weapon. In most episodes, I always look forward the Elektra-Daredevil face-off. It’s both fun and quite painful to watch. It’s apparent that both of them are confused about the situation they were in.

I don’t want to spoil it for others who haven’t seen the show yet, but, the ending of The Defenders gives us a quick peek of Daredevil’s season three. I am so looking forward to watch the DD3 because I am curious how Matt survived and got out from the rubble. Marvel’s Daredevil season three and Jessica Jones are expected to be released next year. For Marvel’s Luke Cage fans, I think they are currently filming for the second season too, and the Iron Fist got the “go ahead” for season two. For all Marvel fans, you probably already know that The Punisher will be aired this year, so, that’s something we can all look forward to.

Overall, I will give this show a 4/5 star rating.


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It’s six in the morning here in the Philippines and I am wide awake since 4AM. My circadian rhythm is already screwed up to begin with, and this weather isn’t helping. I woke up because our pets were whining, they were scared of the lightning and thunder I suppose? Anyway, they woke my parents up, then my parents woke me up with their offer of coffee. Anyway, it wasn’t so bad. I enjoyed the coffee.


While drinking my coffee, I checked my Twitter feed and someone replied regarding my question on where I can watch tVN’s new Korean TV series: Criminal Minds. It’s a Korean version of the American show of the same title. So, I ended watching the first episode and I am sold. It’s pretty good. I heard the ratings are good too in South Korea. Most of the Korean shows that are known internationally are romance, drama, and the historical ones. I think this show gives a different flavor to the Korean audience that’s why the ratings are pretty solid. I just hope that it will continue.


I don’t know much about the actors in this show. I know that Lee Joon Gi did a lot of historical dramas, I have watched Moon Chae Won in The Good Doctor, and that’s it. I don’t know the other actors at all, but they were all good. I’ll definitely continue watching this show.

You can watch the Criminal Minds Korean trailer here.

I hope you all have a good day ahead!



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How are you guys? It’s been a while. I hope everyone had a blast during the holidays. The past few months have been hectic for me, that’s why I wasn’t able to make a top reads list for 2016. I was able to finish my reading challenge though. Yay!

I probably won’t be blogging today (or any other day) if it wasn’t for this show I just finished watching. It’s a 10-episode season from Fox entitled Pitch. I just saw a post from one of my favorite authors saying how she loved the show and I decided to check it out. I wasn’t expecting it to be a sports series but what’s even more surprising is how I got hooked despite not knowing anything about baseball.

The premise is about a young black woman who is about to be a starting pitcher for one of the major baseball league team– the San Diego Padres. It sure is an interesting tale of the pressures and challenges of being a woman in MBL. The good thing about Pitch is that it isn’t just about Ginny’s success, it also shows the stories of the people around her—her colleagues, her friends, her manager, etc.
After binge watching the series, I immediately went to Google to check out the characters in the show. I am mostly impressed by the actor who played Ginny Baker– Kylie Bunbury. I haven’t seen any of her earlier shows, but I truly admire her performance on this TV series. Her acting is so on point you that you can’t help but fall in love with her and her character. I watched some of Bunbury’s interview and she mentioned how hard she trained to learn how to pitch. What a dedicated young woman. Ali Larter’s performance in Pitch is also something to be commended. Overall, Pitch has an amazing cast.
The season ended in a cliffhanger, *spoiler alert* with Ginny clutching her pitching arm at the mound. The future doesn’t look too bright for Baker, just like what the future looks like for the show. I was disappointed that I am not hearing any noises about a second season. I couldn’t understand why the ratings are low. The show is unique, brilliant and captivating… I just don’t get it. Maybe the world isn’t ready for Ginny Baker and what she represents… yet? Idk, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a second season of Pitch.
Thanks for dropping by!

Is Zack Addy a serial killer?

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Dr. Zack Addy
Hey guys! I finally watched the last three episodes of Bones and I’m so pleased that Dr. Zack Addy has returned to the show. However, it appears that Zack is the serial killer that the FBI is looking for. The evidence are pretty damning and the fact that he kidnapped Dr. Brennan on the last episode made him look guilty. He looks very creepy on that scene too. Anyway, I’m still hoping that he’s not the killer. I’m looking forward for the show’s return for it’s final season next year. Bones is probably the longest TV series I binged watch, 10 seasons! I’ve watched it regularly after catching up on Season 11. Really great show.

Since most of the TV series I enjoy has been cancelled, I have been looking for other shows to watch. I found The Blacklist and I already finished watching all three seasons. It’s so good. I can’t wait to watch Season 4. I think the show will return on the 22nd. Another show that will come back this month is Lucifer, I saw the Season 2 trailer in YouTube and it looks like it’s going to be a fun season.

I am still watching Suits, I’m currently at season three. I super love Harvey and Mike, the best closer in NY and the genius fake lawyer. They are phenomenal and a little scary when they work together. I also watch Mr. Robot, I am currently on season two. Most of the time I do not understand what the character’s motives are and how pointless F society’s cause were, but I just find it entertaining. IDK, I guess being inside the head of a schizophrenic guy is interesting to me, lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole show is just a part of Elliot’s delusions. Still, the show is pretty engaging.

I have a week long vacation coming up next week and I’m planning to watch The Flash and Stranger Things. I am also looking for books to read next week, so, If you have some recommendations, feel free to share them on the comment box. Thanks!

PS. Marvel’s Luke Cage is almost here! Check out the official trailer here.

Best TV Show Ever!


A couple of weeks ago I watched a youtube video about the top ten must watch tv series of 2015. I know it’s a bit out dated, but I have been busy reading fiction novels that I missed a lot of good shows last year. I just finished watching the first season of Lucifer, which is good btw, and Limitless (another amazing TV series but was not renewed for a second season). I do enjoy police procedural shows with sci-fi or supernatural element added into it. So, when I saw a trailer of Person Of Interest, I was intrigued. I finished all 5 seasons in less than 2 weeks! I loved it. I was a little sad that CBS did not renew POI because it’s probably one the best shows I’ve ever seen. The action is so good, the storyline is mind blowing and the characters are just amazing. 

My favorite characters are Finch (because he made The Machine, he’s brilliant) and Root (her character development is just so entertaining to watch–she was an assassin for hire in the first season, a psychiatrist, then a mental patient on the third season, and became a loyal servant of The Machine until her last breath). Another thing that made this TV series so special is the Root-Shaw (aka. Shoot) relationship. I’m straight, but I truly ship Root and Shaw. The chemistry on screen between Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi is so amazing. They are both lovely actors and I hope we can see them on screen together again. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a POI spin-off. If you haven’t seen Point of Interest yet, you  should start watching it now. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Castle Finale

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So, Castle finally ended the other night and it was a bittersweet ending. I did not expect to be emotional while watching Crossfire but I did shed some tears. I really am going to miss this show. I watched it twice already. The first time I was too emotional and didn’t nitpick all the scenes in the episode. So, I watched it again after work and I realized how the show ended abruptly. I  guess they weren’t really expecting the show to end this year and had to make last minute changes on the episode. Anyway, it was a good one. At least we know that they survived and have three cute kids. The Castle fandom is really amazing, I already found some Castle fanfics on Tumblr continuing the story from Crossfire. Thank you for all the awesome Castle Fanfic authors!

The season finale of Marvel’s Agent of SHIELD aired last night so, I am going to watch episodes 17-22 soon.


Speaking of Marvel shows. I have finished Marvel’s Jessica Jones and I liked it. The show is a little darker than most Marvel shows I’ve seen because it tackles issues like PTSD, addiction, abuse, rape, abortion, etc. Also, Jones is not your typical heroine, she’s really messed up. She knows it, she doesn’t pretend to be someone else, and she always mention that she isn’t a hero. It was great, and I’m looking forward to watch the second season. I couldn’t say the same thing about Marvel’s Daredevil. I watched until episode 10 of season one and then I couldn’t anymore. I just find his character annoying, he always acts rashly  doesn’t accept help from others, and it looked like he doesn’t really have an end game. The only characters I loved from this show are Foggy and Claire. Foggy is such a great guy, he’s very honest and kind. Claire is a super nurse, she is now the official nurse of the heroes of Hell’s Kitchen. She did patch up Luke Cage in Marvel’s Jessica Jones. I read in Wikipedia that these Marvel’s mini-series are leading up to a cross-over show entitled The Defenders. Which includes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the Iron Fist. I am looking forward to watch that.


I have watched a lot of shows this week and haven’t picked up a single book. This makes me feel bad, I have to read a new book soon. =/

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