Run: Day 1


Hello guys!

I started running today because my cousin is insisting that I go swim with her sometime. I am completely out of shape and I will look terrible in a suit. I feel bad not to grant my little cousin’s wish though, so, here I am trying to make an effort.

I woke up early and had a light breakfast. I changed into my running clothes and started my walk/run at the park around 7:30. I didnt realize how wide the Ruskin Park is until I started this exercise project. I finished my walk/run after an hour. Since I’m a beginner, I am doing the walk then run style so that I wont over exert myself on my first run. Atleast that’s what I’ve learned from researching online. I will gradually reduce my walk time and increase my run/jog time in the next few days.

I will probably run in the afternoon tomorrow because I am working tonight… night shift! Yay… not really. Well, I hope you guys have a productive day ahead!



Winter fun part 2

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I’m really enjoying these walks in the park with my room mates… We always get good photos. This time I went with my other room mate who was working yesterday. Day two of snow in London…

We had to go to Costa right after for a hot chocolate drink because I can no longer feel my fingers… It was really cold. I had so much fun taking pictures though.

Winter fun

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Despite the cold weather, me and my room mate went out to have fun at the park near our flat.

I woke up with snow outside my window…Looks like another snowy day in London. 🌨️

Stay safe everyone!

UK Visa application requirements via VFS Global



Photo credits to the rightful owner.

I promised that I will post the requirements/documents needed for the UK Visa application for Tier 2 (General New Hires), so, here it is. You will need a separator which you can get from the website. For more information you can visit the VFS website here.

1. Employment Evidence:

-Offer Letter
-Certificate of Employment
-Reference Letters

2. Financial Evidence:

– I left this page blank.

3. Educational Evidence:

-High School Diploma
-College Diploma
-Transcript of Records (TOR)
-Related Learning Experience (RLE)
-Board Certificate
-IELTS/UKVI (Original Copy)

4. Sponsor Evidence:

-Letter sent by the hospital

5. Consent letters and proof of relationships:

-Birth certificate
-For married applicants, it is possible that there are additional requirements needed such as marriage certificate, etc.

6. Accommodation:

-I left this page blank.

7. TB Certificate

-IOM (Original Copy)

8. Other Docs:

-Passport (I included expired passports, I also had the pages with stamps on them photocopied, both from the new and old passports)

-CBT screenshot (the congratulatory email from NMC)
-OSCE Decision Letter
-For ex-Saudi, Police Clearance with English translation and Letter of Declaration.

9. Appendix:

-I left it blank

NOTE: Make sure that when you present the documents at VFS (on the desk for scanning) give the original copy of your IOM and UKVI IELTS. Don’t worry, they will return all the documents to you on the same day as soon as they are done scanning them. It’s important that you present the original because the photocopied material tends to become a bit blurry. They will ask you to resend it if it comes out blurry, and and we don’t want that.

The entire process is quick as long as you have all the documents needed and its arranged accordingly. I came to the centre early and was able to get in before my scheduled appointment because there were only a few people inside. I finished earlier than expected. This is by appointment only, make sure that you set an appointment online.

Here is the exact address of VFS Global in Makati.

VFS Manila Visa Application Centre Mezzanine Floor, Unit M01 Ecoplaza Building
2305 Chino Roces Ave. Extension
Makati City 1231

Hope this helped. If you have questions, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.



Cold Snap in the UK

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Good day!

We are currently experiencing a cold snap in the United Kingdom, the tabloids are calling it the “Beast from the East”. The weather is quite deceiving, the sun is out but it’s so freaking cold. I’m glad its my off, I can just lie down in my bed and read a book. A good cup of tea would be nice too, hmmmm …maybe later.

I woke up with a sharp pain on my leg, it was 4:30 in the morning. I had a very busy Monday at work so, I expected my leg to hurt. I had a long soak in the bath to relax my muscles and made sure to elevate my leg when I slept. Despite the prevention, I still woke up hurting. On the brighter side, the Ibuprofen Gel worked. I purchased that in Poundland for just a pound. So, if you are a nurse or an aspiring one, back and leg pains are in your future. You can prevent this by maintaining good body mechanics at work (kudos to those who do, I always forget!), and exercising. I do neither, LOL, so, don’t be like me!

I just felt like writing because my internet works really well during the day, haha. Feel free to ask questions regarding UK applications, etc… I’ll answer as soon as I can.

Stay safe everyone!

NMC application requirements and personal updates…

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Happy weekend everyone! It’s a sunny morning here in London today, hopefully it will be sunny the whole day. It’s still freaking cold though.

Just an update, after passing my OSCE, I took another exam as a requirement in the trust at King’s College Hospital for me to be able to give medications to my patients. It is called the Drug Assessment Programme aka DAP. You have to get level 1 on that, meaning 100% on calculations and at least an 80% in theories. If you passed OSCE, you can pass DAP. Just make sure that you study as hard as you did for OSCE, haha, not really. There will be review sessions. I’m pretty sure that other trusts have the same exams, but it shouldn’t worry you that much. It’s not as scary as the OSCE’s.

But, I digress. I mean to post some information regarding the documents overseas nurses needed to submit to the NMC. Here it goes…

As most of you know, I am an ex-Saudi nurse and I worked there from October 2011 to April 2017. So, the requirements needed to complete my registration to the NMC are different to those who practiced in the Philippines. Here are the requirements I submitted to the NMC.

1. UKVI/IELTS certificate

2. Birth Certificate

3. PRC Board Certificate

4. NBI

5. Saudi Council For Health Specialties (SCFHS) registration certificate. It must be translated in English. I had it translated at NCMF (National Commission of Muslim Filipino) in Commonwealth Ave, QC.

6. Saudi Police Clearance. It will be only valid for 3 months from the date the certificate was issued. It should also be translated to English.

7. Translator’s declaration letter – you need to pay an extra fee at NCMF to get one. It’s needed though, this letter will certify that the translation is legit and accurate.

8. Good Standing Certificate from SCFHS. It’s in English and need not to be translated. It can be acquired online. You can check my previous posts regarding Good Standing certificate.

9. Barcoded Forms:

  • College
  • 2 Employment References
  • Medical Certificate

Those are the only things I can remember on top of my head. I’ll add more if I remember the others.

If you have questions, just leave a comment. I’ll try to answer them as soon as I can.

Have a great day ahead y’all!


Let’s not talk about OSCE

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I signed a confidentiality clause prior to taking the exam so I am not allowed to share what happened during my OSCE, so, I can only share the details before the exam.
Me and my room mates went to Northampton the day before the exam and it was cold and gloomy. We were all nervous but we tried to put our brave faces on. When you’re in Northampton, you are not allowed to discuss the exam at all, so we avoided talking about it in public. We did some practice on our hotel but it was just a quick memory drill. We didn’t go out of hotel until dinner at Nando’s with our batch mates who are also taking the exam and were staying at the Ibis hotel. We checked in at Travelodge. If you are taking the exam at Northampton, these are the affordable hotels near the innovation centre. After dinner, we went back to our rooms and slept.


The next day we had breakfast at Mcdonald’s and my roommates went to the exam centre afterwards because their schedule was earlier than mine. I
went back to the hotel, showered and prepared for OSCE and checked out of
the hotel a few hours later. I went to the exam centre early, so, I was asked if I would be agreeable to take the exam earlier than planned. I agreed…And the rest is history.
All I can say is that the entire experience is nerve wrecking. I don’t want to go through it again. It was a stressful week for all of us and I’m just glad that’s over. Not everyone were fortunate enough to pass the OSCE. Some will do a partial re-sit and others will do a full re-sit. I wish them all good luck.

For the nurses who are still in the early process of their application to the UK, prepare yourself as early as possible. If you have a Royal Marsden Manual, try to read it whenever you have the time. Early preparation and good study habits is the key!
Have a great day ahead everyone!

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