Attention: Nurses who wants to work in Saudi Arabia

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This is posted today at the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Facebook Page.

For all Nurses:

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in partnership with Pearson Vue announcing for the increased question-examination items from 100 to 150 items in 3 -hour period.
Result of the examination will be released after 3 days which will be determined using the range percentile scores.

These photos are also posted on the said page which shows the new format of the Prometric Test Result for SCFHS.

prometric pass or fail

Photo Credits: Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

prometric new scoresheet

Photo Credits: Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

What’s the difference from the old SCFHS Prometric test? Well, I took my Prometric test in September 2011 and since then I haven’t noticed the changes that occurred while I was working in Saudi. Anyway, in 2011 the number of items in the exam was 70 and you can get the result as soon as you finished the test (You can finish the test in an hour or so). The print out will say if you passed or failed. The exam fee in 2011 was $90. Today, I checked the Pearson Vue site for the SCFHS certification Testing and it says that starting from July 1, 2017, all SCFHS exam fees will be adjusted. I don’t know for sure how much it is but if you are interested in taking the exam, you can contact Pearson Vue here.

Another thing I noticed from the Pearson Vue site is this:

Kindly note that healthcare professionals will first have to apply to Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. You will be able to sit for the exam once credentialing has been done and approved.

Before, you can easily book and pay the exam yourself online without needing any permission from any regulating body or organization. As of this month, prior to booking the exam, a permission to take the test must be acquired from the SCFHS. I think, this “approval” will be automatically sent to Pearson Vue and the applicant will be notified via email that he is given the permission to take the test. Once notified, the applicant can create an account on Pearson Vue to book and pay for the Prometric exam. I could be wrong though. So, if you have questions about the process, it’s best to contact the┬áSaudi Commission for Health Specialties.

There you go. If you are reading this because you are going to take the Prometric exam soon, good luck and thank you for dropping by!

On Duty

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On duty

This poem is for all the nurses and other medical professionals who works in a public hospital or any medical facility that are experiencing staffing shortage. I was trained and volunteered in a couple of public hospitals in the Philippines and the situation is really bad. Without the student nurses and the volunteers, the patients will end up taking care of themselves. The staff nurses take double shifts or broken shifts just to make up for the staffing shortage. During my volunteering days, there was a time that I had to take care of 10 patients in one shift because the patient census was too high. It’s hard and scary because we are expected to deliver proper nursing care but we couldn’t because the number of patient is overwhelming. Anyway, I hope the staffing shortages in hospitals will be resolved soon.

on duty

by novel sanchez

i’m drinking my third cup of coffee
and it’s only ten in the morning
my hand is trembling
shaking quietly
as i lift my mug
to my numb lips

but i have to keep going
keep moving
because people are counting on me
with their begging eyes
and silent screams
asking me to relieve
to ease their pains

my tongue burns
as i sip
the hot bitter liquid
working its way to my throat
down to my stomach

and i continue going
working desperately
to keep my mind alert
for people depends on me
there is no room
even for minor mistakes

my body quivers
as the coffee combines
with chyme
and acids
in my intestines
and i am still in motion

caffeine pumping in my veins
forcing my eyes open
like a retractor
on a clean surgical cut
made on a pregnant woman’s
and yes
i was in that operating room too

my body is exhausted
and my eyes are weary
but i keep moving
for lives are at stake
there are still more wounds to clean
broken bones to cast
and surgeries to assist

the caffeine effect
is starting to wane
but there are still people
coming from the emergency room
and i am tired
i am so tired

i can only help so much
my hands are not enough
to heal all the wounds
relieve all the pain
and assist all the sick in this ward

my shift should’ve ended
four hours ago
but the day nurse called in sick
and there’s no one-
no one else on call.

so, i picked my fourth cup of coffee
for the day
and hope
that it will be the last

until the next hero in white
comes along
equipped with knowledge
and compassion
who will rescue me
from my responsibilities

until then

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